Rick Wilson has become everything he claims he hates about Trump.

Seriously, he has gone from being a fairly respected GOP guy to nothing more than a glorified media troll. Instead of admitting that perhaps his behavior with Don Lemon on CNN was out of line he doubled down and claimed Trump triggered the whole thing because he couldn’t deal with Rick’s edgy comments.

Sure, Rick, it’s Trump’s fault when you call people, ‘Trump-right Douchebag Ouroboros’.

He continued:

Proving either he’s trolling for clicks and taps OR he really doesn’t get it. You’d think after what happened in 2016 when Hillary referred to half the country as deplorables (which many believe helped her LOSE) Rick would know better. But then again, maybe he needs Trump to be re-elected because without Trump what does he have? His whole schtick is built around Trump, hating Trump, and hating Trump supporters.

Think we’re kidding? Look at how he spoke to Ivanka Trump:

As we said, nothing but a glorified media troll.

Who NEEDS Trump.

How the mighty have fallen.



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