In 2016, people like Don Lemon and Rick Wilson (and even this editor to be completely honest and fair) underestimated Trump’s base and all but wrote them off.

And then Trump won.

You’d think more of us would have learned from this (like this editor did), but fortunately for Trump, that’s not the case. Don and Rick and some guy nobody seems to really care about just handed Trump the best 2020 campaign ad ever.


Sad, right? And to think, we’re watching a bunch of grown men behaving this way on national television. Granted, no one seemed to see it when it aired live (only a dozen or so people actually watch CNN), but still, you’d think they’d want to at least appear somewhat professional.

Remember when Don wondered out loud if the missing Malaysian airliner actually flew into a black hole? Mental giants these guys.

Trump defended his base:

Seems the president knows an excellent ad for his re-election when he sees one.

And considering Rick was interviewed, that says a lot.

You are the company you keep, Rick.

If Fox News had aired something like this when Obama was president there would have been people marching in the streets, buildings on fire, and calls for the pundit’s job.

It is pretty embarrassing for the three of them, especially the guy no one seems to recognize.

They learned nothing.

Heck, at this point we almost wonder if Rick is trying to get Trump re-elected. He had to know acting like a huge jackass with Don Lemon would only fuel Trump’s base …

Then again, maybe we’ve overestimated the guy.

Sure, Rick, it’s everyone else who played themselves.

Keep telling yourself that.



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