Mitt Romney is just such a disappointment.

And truly, it pains this editor on a personal level to say that considering how hard she campaigned for him in 2012. We get it, he has personal issues with Trump, but if he’s only pushing to call witnesses to appease the Left (and hurt Trump) that’s just so shady.

Senator Kelly Loeffler called him out on Twitter:

Time to move on.

We’ve been hearing nothing but ‘impeach’ from the Left since even before Trump took office so we agree … the circus is over. Time to move on. House Democrats put together the weakest impeachment in history, quit wasting time and money on it.

Howie is a chamer, eh? Being honest about this sham of impeachment is abetting and enabling an amoral man? Raise your hand if you’re sick and tired of these sanctimonious virtue-signalers.

Best marketing EVER. Let’s hear it for capitalism.


All day THIS.^

And that. ^


And she’s right.

We’re all ready to move on, except of course those who still think Trump will actually be removed and Hillary Clinton will magically become president.

Ding ding ding.



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