Ok, so seeing Sen. Josh Hawley’s tweet about the list of people he will call if Democrats get their way and the Senate calls witnesses we’ve gotta admit, we’re good with this.

We would LOVE them to call Adam Schiff and the whistleblower and place them both under oath.

We’d pay MONEY to watch that and we imagine thousands (millions?) of other Americans would as well.

At a minimum.

Let’s DO this.


Yes, call him and say thanks.

The way Lefties are responding to his tweet you’d think they only wanted CERTAIN witnesses called. Huh, where have we seen this before? Could it be they saw how the House Democrats did things?

HIS corruption? For wanting to call witnesses?

Alrighty then.

Yes, he’s super corrupt for wanting to get both sides of the story.

The shame.

Someone needs to remind Democrats they can’t have it both ways in the Senate. If they want witnesses called they better buckle up for them ALL to be called.



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