Jim Acosta will have to forgive us but any time he or any other member of the traditional media claims nameless, faceless, sources said or did ANYTHING we just don’t buy it. Call it cynicism if you like but honestly, when you spend every day covering how deliberate the media can be in sharing biased info to push their agenda you stop trusting what they report.

Like this nugget …

Sounds to us like Jim is trying really hard to make Bolton’s story into a smoking gun of sorts. Sure, this may have caught the administration off guard but we sort of doubt it considering Bolton has been babbling about his book in an ominous tone for quite some time now. And what gives with the Lev Parnas dig, we thought CNN totally loved him?



Wasn’t he the smoking gun?

Seriously, they can only pull so many pages from the Kavanaugh playbook before everyone just starts pointing and laughing at them … like we are.

That one guy … Bob.

Yeah, that’s the ticket.

Join the club.



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