David Frum has spent so much time on the anti-Trump train that many people on the Left probably took for granted that he was one of them.

He’s not.

And now that he’s written a quite frankly very honest piece on Bernie Sanders and his inability to withstand the Trump machine if he’s the nominee, they’re super fussy with him.

Sort of like how these same people have spent years (decades) hating Bolton and suddenly since his ‘story’ might hurt Trump they totally dig him now.

Hilarious, right?

From The Atlantic:

Bernie Sanders is a fragile candidate. He has never fought a race in which he had to face serious personal scrutiny. None of his Democratic rivals is subjecting him to such scrutiny in 2020. Hillary Clinton refrained from scrutinizing Sanders in 2016. It did not happen, either, in his many races in Vermont. A Politico profile in 2015 by Michael Kruse argued that Sanders had benefited from “an unwritten compact between Sanders, his supporters, and local reporters who have steered clear” of writing about Sanders’s personal history “rather than risk lectures about the twisted priorities of the press.”

He’s not wrong.

The Trump campaign will not steer clear. It will hit him with everything it’s got. It will depict him as a Communist in the grip of twisted sexual fantasies, a useless career politician who oversaw a culture of sexual harassment in his 2016 campaign. Through 2019, Donald Trump and his proxies hailed Sanders as a true voice of the people, thwarted by the evil machinations of the Hillary Clinton machine. They will not pause for a minute before pivoting in 2020 to attack him as a seething stew of toxic masculinity whose vicious online followers martyred the Democratic Party’s first female presidential nominee.

And yeah, the Left is not dealing with this article very well … like, at all.


Have fun with that, David.

Maybe referencing war wasn’t such a great idea. Just sayin’.


Great piece, Dave.




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