As Twitchy readers know, Rep. Eric ‘farted on live television’ Swalwell was troubled by Trump’s approval of the airstrike that killed a murdering, POS terrorist.

Poor Eric … he really thought he had something here too.

Dan Crenshaw was more than happy to come forward and explain to Eric why he was wrong.

On so many levels.

We like to think Dan broke out the puppets and crayons so Eric would absolutely understand why his tweet was stupid.

Then again …

America is done apologizing to our enemies.

America is done bowing.

He’s in over his head over most things.

We’re not sure what’s worse for Eric, his fart heard ’round the world’ or his tweet bragging about nuking legal gun-owning Americans.

Maybe it’s just a tie and they’re both awful.

Yeah, that works.



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