Democrat Congressman Eric Swalwell — the former brief presidential candidate who once reminded 2nd Amendment supporters criticizing his gun-grabbing proposals who would have control of the nuclear arsenal if he was in the White House — is troubled by President Trump’s approval of the airstrike that killed Iran’s Qassem Soleimani:

And like many other Dems, Swalwell’s mention of Soleimani being a very bad person was followed by a “BUT…”:

Swalwell also has some demands for Trump:

If Trump’s not careful the House Democrats might have to take rash action:

So basically, good luck with your “demands,” Rep. Swalwell:

There might have been a way to get Swalwell to fully support the Soleimani strike:

Swalwell sure has his “priorities.”



Flashback: Were congressional Dems (and the MSM) as alarmed when Obama was launching all these strikes in Iraq and Syria without congressional approval?