President Trump approving an airstrike that killed Iran’s Quds leader has caused many Democrats to be alarmed because he did so without congressional approval or consultation:

It has to be asked: Were they as concerned during the previous administration when this was happening?

From the Washington Times in April of 2015::

U.S. forces have now surpassed 2,800 strikes against targets in Iraq and Syria under President Obama’s war against the Islamic State, all as part of a conflict Congress has yet to specifically authorize — and amid worries lawmakers won’t ever act.

Under intense pressure from Capitol Hill, Mr. Obama finally submitted a draft authorization for the use of military force against the Islamic State in February, but it’s since languished, caught in the stalemate between those who want tighter restrictions and those who want the president to have as free a hand as possible.

Now analysts worry that inaction will set a dangerous precedent and leave Congress shorn of its warmaking powers.

People can’t recall the Dems (and the media for that matter) being quite as alarmed back then as they are now:

It’s the same old same old:

A Democrat president also has the benefit of an entirely lower level of scrutiny from the media, which always helps.