Trump was on Twitter basically calling Iran out and informing them ‘assertively’ that if they mess with the US there will be a price to pay.

Yes, Twitter.

We suppose if the media actually covered Trump in an objective and fair way he wouldn’t have to rely on social media to get these sorts of things out to the public but since that’s not the case, here we are.

Like clockwork, enter ‘The Squad’ defending Iran … again.

Hey, at least they’re consistent, right?

Tweets are WAR CRIMES.

Holy crap.


Venezuela is a beacon of socialism … you’d think she’d love it.

It’s a war crime!

They’re trying to get Trump impeached, every little thing they can get their base to buy into helps. Even if they’re not true.

Ilhan Omar jumped in as well:

They must’ve gotten their talking points from the bigs.

People were dumb enough to elect these women.

Yes, God help us all.


We shouldn’t laugh at this one … but we did.



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