If The Bulwark is trying to prove their entire goal is just to cause drama and unrest on the Right they’re certainly succeeding. John Ziegler … really guys?

And hey, this editor totally gets that we all are working in a field where we want and need people to read us but still.


Trump cult

He might as well call everyone ‘snowflakes’ and brag about ‘triggering’ them. *eye roll*

Ziegler’s entire article is about how much smarter and better he is than the members of his own family because they support Trump. He even sort of makes a dig at his wife because she understands Trump is a better option than any current Democrat. Ironic when she’s clearly the brighter of the two of them since she figured that out.

Luke Thompson was less than impressed with The Bulwark giving Ziegler a platform (this thread is straight fire):


Told you guys, this is brutal.


Ziegler’s response all but validated Luke’s thread:


Nothing says you’re conserving conservatism like defending Matt Lauer and Sandusky.


Notice how the people who hate and complain about Trump seem to act like him the most? And not in a good way.



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