Wondering if Salon was feeling desperate for a little attention when they put this heap of burning stupid out about a ‘major study’ that claimed sure, the media is liberal but they’re not biased or gatekeepers.

Stop laughing.

Ok, laugh a little, this shiznit is pretty damn funny.

From Salon:

In a way, that’s not that surprising: Journalists place a high value on objectivity and balance. Avoiding ideological bias “rates very high” among journalists, lead author Hans Hassell of Florida State told Salon — 8.5 on scale of 10 in the survey these researchers conducted. As Hassell acknowledged, “A response you give to a survey may be very different from the actual behaviors that you express in the things that you do.”


Oh, our sides.

More liberal than AOC.

Holy crap, that’s terrifying.

And isn’t it ironic … doncha think?

Well duh.

Nope, no one.

But it’s funny.



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