Seems Senator Chris Murphy has created a whole new group of supporters for himself:


Iranian media loves Chris Murphy. Wow.

Let that sink in for a minute

From the Tasnim News Agency:

“An unstable President in way over his head, panicking, with all his experienced advisers having quit, and only the sycophantic amateurs remaining. Assassinating foreign leaders, announcing plans to bomb civilians. A nightmare,” Sen. Chris Murphy, the Connecticut Democrat and member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, wrote in a tweet on Saturday.

It came after Trump warned Iran that a strike on “any Americans” or “American assets” in retaliation for the assassination of the IRGC Quds Force commander would result in the US targeting 52 sites — including “Iranian culture” sites.

But deliberately targeting cultural sites or cultural heritage sites could amount to a war crime under international law.

They also gave a shout out to AOC (but not Ilhan, how sad):

Democratic Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez also excoriated the president, tweeting, “This is a war crime. Threatening to target and kill innocent families, women and children — which is what you’re doing by targeting cultural sites — does not make you a ‘tough guy.’ It does not make you ‘strategic.’ It makes you a monster.”

General Soleimani, the deputy head of Iraq’s Hashd al-Sha’abi, and a number of their entourage were killed in a strike by American drones near Baghdad International Airport in the early hours of Friday.

Way to go, Democrats.

You’re really winning these days.

Congrats on feeding the ‘America bad’ propaganda, senator.

Aces, in fact.

Which is why Iran loves him.


And to think, we never thought he’d amount to anything.

Our bad.



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