The next time some naggy scold on the Left tries claiming the Right is super sexist and hates women just pull up this article or grab this screenshot from Mindy Robinson because yeah … we’re pretty sure it’s not the Right who has an issue with women.

To be honest, we read a lot of awful things on Twitter, but the way Lefties respond to Mindy is impressively awful. She’s one tough cookie to put up with this amount of abuse.

Look at this:

Ever notice the people who do the most attacking when it comes to someone’s physical appearance often themselves resemble some sort of barnyard animal?

Right? We weren’t aware that breasts are intelligent but hey, anything is possible.

After all, Democrats have been telling women to vote with their lady parts for years …

Gold star for the Dean Winchester gif.


HA! Fair point.

Just CERTAIN women.

You know, women who disagree with them and think for themselves.

Women who supposedly deserve it.




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