Poor Lisa Page.

Trump hasn’t been very nice to her …

How dare the president call Lisa out – she and her boyfriend were just trying to sabotage his entire presidency.


What’s the big deal, right?

And GIVE US A BREAK with the woman crap. Nobody is attacking her because she’s a woman, she’s not deserving of a special kind of hatred because she has a vagina … nope. People are angry at her because she and the rest of the ‘gang’ were trying to undermine the entire country and who they elected to be president.

Probably ok for them to be a bit pissed off, Lisa.

Mollie Hemingway chimed in:

It has not been the best look for her.


Ugh, but totally feasible.

She really is.

Not sensing a whole lot of sympathy for Lisa …

And it didn’t go the way she hoped it would.

When they play the whiny woman card it never does.



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