It doesn’t seem possible that we’re still writing about Benghazi SO MANY years after the fact, but considering many Americans feel no real justice has been served we imagine we’ll continue to see it popping up. Especially when Hillary Clinton isn’t bright enough to wander back off into the woods …

Sharyl Attkisson dropped a new email from gram-gram that doesn’t exactly paint her in the best light.


From Sharyl Attkisson:

The email from Sullivan to Clinton is dated September 29, 2012, eighteen days after the attacks. It refers to the controversy over Obama official Susan Rice, who had appeared on TV network Sunday talk shows presenting the incorrect talking points that blamed a “spontaneous” mob. Based on the email, it appears as though someone had asked, on Clinton’s behalf, to answer the accusation that “Susan” had “made things up.” It also seems to imply that Clinton knew “the real story” (the terrorist nature of the attacks) from the start– although she immediately blamed the anti-Muslim video in a meeting with victims’ family members.

Seems Hillary wanted a ‘clean’ record so she could run for president.

That’s kinda sorta what it looks like … yup.

Would it be rude to say we are very, very underwhelmed with our Intelligence Community at this point? Just sayin’.

Ain’t that the truth.

RIGHT!? We were shocked to learn this as well. SHOCKED!

And that’s the sad truth.



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