You guys remember Johnathan Turley, right? Democrats called him and other professors to testify about how they should totally impeach Trump because it’s Constitutional and stuff … except Turley didn’t exactly agree with them. And it seems he still doesn’t, especially when it comes to Nancy Pelosi sitting on the articles of impeachment.

Why would she ever listen to Laurence Tribe of all people? HA!

Nancy just can’t get out of her own way.

From The Hill:

In reality, a jury of politicians judging the alleged use of public office for personal gain is like having the Pirates of Penzance sitting as jurors in a maritime salvage case. So, Pelosi is demanding that the Senate allow witnesses — which Democrats opposed during the Clinton trial — while holding up the start of a trial which Democrats until recently insisted was so urgent that they could not wait for supportive testimony or court rulings. And all this is being done for the implausible purpose of forcing the Senate to yield to House demands in order to get a case that it does not want to try.

Pelosi is more likely to prompt a change in the Senate’s rules, to deter this and future gaming of the system by dropping the courtesy of waiting for a House submission of managers. That would be a tragedy, since it is a long tradition going back to England, and courtesies — like civility — are increasingly rare in Washington.

Speaker Pelosi would have better served the House by taking the time to build a proper case for Trump’s removal. Instead, she went for a short investigation to fulfill a pledge to impeach by Christmas, and then complained that the Senate might not call witnesses that the House failed to compel to testify. That is the problem of playing chicken by yourself: Your opponent can watch you drive over a cliff of your own choosing.

Now that’s a BOOM.

The nerve.

Ding ding ding.

We have a winner, folks.

And not cute, lovable cartoon characters. Nope. They’re more like creepy, badly drawn, cartoon characters that make you feel weird after you watch them.

‘Nuff said.



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