The only thing more certain than Brian Stelter getting mocked on Twitter is Shannon Watts finding a way to make a complete tool of herself every time there’s a shooting of any sort.

She really is like clockwork …

Did she miss the part where an armed congregant kept the gunman from killing dozens of other people? Or is she just ignoring that tidbit because it’s inconvenient to her gun-grabbing agenda?

She continued.

The irony of a shill like Shannon accusing others of being a shill is probably lost on her.

Shannon will never change.

And wow, HA HA HA HA HA HA HA. If we don’t laugh at her we’ll never stop throwing up.

Jason Howerton found it hard to believe she is actually this dumb … but we assure him, she is.

Right?! Those gun-free zones work so well!

Oh, wait.

She really is.


Just like how generous the Left is … with other people’s money.




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