Brian Stelter complaining about the media ecosystem driving disinformation … now THIS is some funny shiznit.

We suppose if anyone knows about pushing disinformation it’s Tater but wow, could he be any LESS self-aware tweeting this?

Even Soledad O’Brien called him out over this one, which says so much and ain’t none of it good.

‘When CNN’s media reporter pretends his own news org isn’t part of this BS, it’s a problem.’


And yeah, Soledad should probably look in a mirror herself BUT we will write about her slamming Bri’ any and every day of the week.

Remember when Brian interviewed David Hogg and allowed him to flat-out lie about guns and gun laws in this country, never once correcting him or pushing back?

Good times.

Not great.

At all.


Fair point.

Muting Stelter.

What a brilliant idea.




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