Remember when Democrats refused to vote for a resolution condemning anti-Semitism?

Because we do.

Seems Nancy Pelosi doesn’t …

Where’s her tweet apologizing for Democrats not doing MORE to stop anti-Semitism? Where’s her tweet admitting reps like Ilhan Omar should have suffered consequences for their anti-Semitic words?

It’s hard for us to take her all that seriously about most things, but especially here.

Think Nancy forgot?

Or did she just hope WE did?

THAT’S right. Nancy claimed Omar was too stupid to understand how hurtful and hateful her words were.

Oh yeah, there’s that too.

We wouldn’t say she’s good at it, but it does seem to be what she does best.

But orange man bad, dude.

Eh … probably not.

Just another day in the life of a career politician.



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