Earlier today, Twitchy covered the new ‘brainchild’ from our favorite Never Trumpers, Rick Wilson, George Conway, and two other guys we assume are just as annoying but not quite as name-drop worthy, The Lincoln Project. They announced this project in a sanctimonious op-ed in the NYT claiming they are special because as Republicans they want Trump impeached.

We certainly hope they got their little gold stars from the Left for virtue-signaling on steroids.

David Harsanyi asked something about their cute little project that we were wondering as well.

Weren’t they always asking who funds The Federalist? It’s a fair question.

Harsanyi then went on to write a short thread about the number of grifters running pacs and foundations. Now, we don’t know for sure if he was talking about The Lincoln Project but the timing is … interesting.

So many grifters, so little time.



If people are stupid enough to give money to The Lincoln Project …

Wait, he didn’t say that.

Sorry, we’re just thinking out loud.

Ooh, ooh, we know!




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