Adam Schiff went on Fox News Sunday morning with Chris Wallace and lied his arse off. Sadly, we’re not shocked or even surprised a little by his ability to brazenly lie to America’s face, he’s been doing it for years now, so his ‘performance’ during the interview was pretty much what we expected.

EXCEPT Schiff claiming he didn’t know about the errors and omissions in the FBI’s use of FISA process. This was an obvious lie because he wrote a memo disputing Nunes’ memo detailing the very errors and omissions he swears he didn’t know about.

Brit Hume called Schiff out as only he can.

Bunk is a nice way of saying BULLS**T.

They’re good at it, they’ve been doing it for years.

Now THAT would be news, right?

Yeah, Comey’s interview on Fox News Sunday didn’t go much better.

It was a morning of dumpster fires.

Last week was a disaster for Schiff and the Dems, and it’s only going to get worse.

Good times.



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