We’re not entirely sure why James Comey thought it would be a good idea to go on a network that might actually ask him real questions and not spin everything in his favor but for whatever reason, he went on Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace and … it did not go well for him.

Like, at all.

And yes, this editor may have been smiling the entire time.



Horowitz was right, he was wrong.

You know that hurt.

From Fox News:

Following the report’s release, Comey essentially claimed vindication, declaring in the wake of the report that the criticism of the bureau’s actions “was all lies.” When asked about vindication at a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing, the inspector general bluntly replied, “I think the activities we found here don’t vindicate anybody who touched this FISA.”

Except that’s not what they found.

On Sunday, Comey claimed that the FBI did not intentionally commit wrongdoing,


…. but described the FBI’s failures as “real sloppiness.” He said that “in general” he was unaware of “the particulars of the investigation” when it was going on, but said that as the person at the head of the FBI at the time, it still falls on him.

“I was responsible for this.”

Gosh, Jim, ya’ think?




But he was responsible for this.

That’s gotta sting, Comey.



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