Sharyl Attkisson made a very good point about how ‘interesting’ it is to watch how the media spins something and then take a look for yourself at the original source. Especially with something like IG Horowitz’s report from earlier this week … you know, the one the media swore vindicated the FBI?

About that …

The media deliberately misconstrued what Horowitz said? Gosh, it’s almost like they have their own agenda or something.

Oh, wait.

Remarkable bias and misconduct throughout the FBI probe and political bias demonstrated by numerous players.

Notice media did not report much about this aspect, if at all.

Color us shocked.

Super shocked.

Full disclosure, this editor yells at the TV too.


And it also revealed what a POS liar Schiff reallyis.


Careful, Klobuchar has been known to throw office supplies at people who make her cranky.

And certainly more beneficial when supporting Democrats’ efforts to impeach Trump … yup.



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