Tom Nichols really needs to lighten up.


Sure, Trump winning in 2016 broke the guy but he’s starting to sound like a progressive scold who spends his days on Twitter trying to look more important than he really is.

Like his tweet about the army cadet allegedly flashing a ‘white power’ symbol during the Army/Navy game … don’t make that face, we didn’t write this tweet.

So Tom thinks the cadets are stupid no matter what.

You know he’s a lot of fun at birthday parties and other gatherings.

OMG WE KNEW IT, John Cena is a total racist. He’s a double racist even!

Take a Midol.

Not bad advice.

Gosh, Tommy Boy, this went well.

Or not.

Ben Domenech chimed in:

Tom responded:

Except …

But Tom’s the expert!

Imagine trying to pull the ‘I’m an expert’ card on two vets …

C’mon, Jerry wasn’t actually surprised, right?

He just keeps sticking his foot in his mouth.

Viral boomer.


But ouch.