Since Democrats have wasted the last three (nearly four) years throwing a temper tantrum because they lost the election in 2016, which means they accomplished basically nothing for their constituents, they really needed this whole impeachment circus to be a breakthrough. A blockbuster. Something their base would look at and say, ‘WOW, they care about this country so much!’

But instead they’ve put up a total dud with no real crime to impeach the president over … one that even some Democrats in the House may vote against.

They’ve also bored most Americans along the way. Byron York explained it in a thread about his piece, ‘The get-it-over-with impeachment’:

From the Washington Examiner:

Indeed, both Democrats and Republicans knew that, even as they kept arguing. The 116,000-word transcript of the hearing — yes, 116,000 words, longer than many novels — contains reference after reference to the sheer repetition of argument taking place.

“We heard that over and over and over again … ”

“We hear time and time again … ”

“I keep repeating this … ”

A search of the transcript shows that on 28 occasions, one lawmaker or another noted that the committee was hearing the same thing “over and over.” Even the condemnations of repetition became repetitious.

Yup. Boring AF.


Americans are already bored and know how it will turn out anyway sooooo …

They need new episodes to keep their base interested. Is it just us or do they sound like a sitcom desperately trying not to get cancelled at this point?

They got nothin’.

Never get in the way of your opponent when they’re losing all on their own.


Which would be the worst thing to happen for Democrats.

They just can’t seem to get out of their own way … ain’t it grand?



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