The Left is in trouble, folks. Between an embarrassing attempt at impeaching the president that’s basically lasted 3+ years to the obvious rift within the Democratic Party itself, their outlook for the 2020 election is not good.

Which is great for America.

Take for example, this tweet from Justin Snider, a Democrat running for Congress who lost in the 2016 primary. Seems he has some beef with Obama.

‘If god was just you would get the most malignant cancer imaginable.’


We spent a lot of years watching the Right go after Obama but this editor has to say, she doesn’t remember seeing a whole lot of cancer wished on the former president.

Until this tweet from a Democrat.

Yes, it’s a screenshot because after Justin tweeted this the Left lost their damn minds … so Justin totally apologized.

Oh wait, no he didn’t.

Look at this:

Admit it, you laughed reading all of this.

OUR SPECIES WILL BE EXTINCT IN 100 YEARS and it’s all Obama’s fault.

Sheesh, and the Left says the GOP is tinfoil-embracing.

Wait, it gets better.

So not only did he wish cancer on Obama, but he called him a war criminal.


Privilege! SAY IT AIN’T SO.

And he claims he didn’t say anything that was directly threatening to Obama but wishing God would give him cancer seems pretty damn threatening to this editor.

Oh, did we mention he’s a Bernie supporter? See the rift?

What a maroon … seriously. Seems a bold strategy to attack a former president who most of your voting base still worships and adores.

Good luck with that, Justin.



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