Nancy Pelosi is losing it.

She snapped at James Rosen during a presser for asking if she hates Trump (c’mon, we know they all do), claiming that her Catholic faith prevents her from hating people. As a Catholic, this editor will tell you that there is no faith out there that literally prevents someone from hating … it just doesn’t exist. Humans are fallible, and our religion has zero to do with ‘hating’ people or not.

Besides, if she were truly that devoted to her Catholic faith she most certainly would not support abortion or tax payers funding it.

Dana Loesch came out swinging:

Nancy is what we call a Cafeteria Catholic. She picks and chooses which parts of the faith she’ll ‘take’ and apparently she’s not allowed to hate people but it’s ok to abort them.

Or something.

Dana continued.

So many booms here.

This whole impeachment sham has felt very personal and hateful from the get-go. They’d be better off admitting they hate him not only for being a Republican but also for beating Hillary in 2016. At least then it would feel ‘sincere’, ya’ know?

Wow, Nancy’s terrible, horrible, no-good, very bad day just keeps getting worse and worse.

And it’s just getting started.



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