Only someone who has been completely broken and warped by Trump winning in 2016 would think a mother defending her son from an adult using him to dunk on his father is a bad thing. To this point, we’re seeing far too many people coming down on Melania for speaking out to defend her son.

Yeah, Twitter is a garbage pile of awful and stupid but the fact the First Lady is getting trolled for defending her son just makes it even worse.

Seriously. Only a truly horrible and unhinged person would attack a mother defending her son.

Hey, we said truly horrible and unhinged.

We get it, Cheri, YOU HATE TRUMP.

But when you allow that hatred to influence you to begin behaving JUST LIKE HIM (or worse) you might need to take a breather.

Jessica Fletcher tried educating Cheri a bit on her ‘trolling’:


Guess how Cheri responded.

NRA Barbie? Jessica’s not affiliated with the NRA …

And wow, misogynist much, Cheri?


Nice name drop …

It’s so sad when they RT their own disses.

And then guess who dropped in:

But she said she’d known Dana for years.

Seems she really hasn’t.


Seriously, someone get Cheri a Snickers bar.

Trolls are gonna troll.

Cheri does block easy.

Not that this editor knows or anything … ahem.

Awww yes. We forgot about that.


USA has dropped columnist Cheri Jacobus after the political strategist and frequent TV pundit insulted Republican consultant and Trump ally Michael Caputo’s daughters and suggested that they be used at “parties” by convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein.

“Our editors in the opinion section became aware of the tweet by freelance columnist Cheri Jacobus just after noon today,” a spokesperson for the company told TheWrap Thursday evening.

And yikes.

All sorts of yikes.

Trump’s winning broke so many people.

So many.



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