Remember when Michelle Obama babbled something about how when the Right goes low the Left should go high?


Oh man, we’ve known all along these ‘moral betters’ and scolds were projecting their own crap behavior on those they disagreed with but watching the way the Left has lost their ever-loving minds over Elise Stefanik, all we can say is wow. These are some really and truly horrible people.

Guy Benson was good enough to screenshot two of our favorites …

Nothing says you’re a feminist like crapping all over another woman and calling her trash.

GIRL POWER YO. Suppor women!

Cows. *smh*

This is what makes us nuts, they spend months (years) accusing the Right of being sexist and awful to women and then they show us the hypocritical harpies from Hell they really are.

Chrissy would lose her mind for DAYS on end and Joan would probably go on MSNBC and blame Trump for creating a hate-filled environment for women.

These women are just a joke at this point, folks, time to point and laugh.


Ding ding ding.

They’re going high or something.

Yeah, that’s it.


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