You ever notice when a Democrat does something stupid like refuse to concede a race they’re treated as heroes but if a Republican does the very same thing they’re treated as sore losers? It must be nice to have a media so willing to carry your water 24/7, right?

From the Daily Mail:

‘We know for a fact there have been irregularities and the outcome will be determined by law,’ he told supporters. ‘This isn’t a political issue as much as it is an integrity issue, and the process must be followed.’

Beshear was eager to move forward. ‘I haven’t had an opportunity yet to speak to Governor Bevin,’ he said in a victory speech, ‘but my expectation is that he will honor the election that was held tonight.’


Democrats are funny, right? Maybe not funny ‘haha’ but definitely funny ‘annoying AF’.

We have never seen such a large group of people with so little self-awareness. It would be impressive if it wasn’t so damn annoying and tiresome.

No thank you.

OH, we see what they meant here … never mind.


Settle down, it’s a joke.

But math is hard, just ask Lauren Duca.



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