Vindman’s transcript has something like 300+ pages so luckily Byron York was good enough to pull out the important pieces and tweet about them so those of us who have no idea what’s going on most days (ahem, guilty) can actually follow along.

What a giver.

And if this series of tweets is any indication, Vindman’s testimony isn’t nearly as damning as the media has claimed it to be.

We know, you’re shocked.

So Trump has been honest, it is accurate and not edited.

Golly gee, we’re shocked.

Clearly people hear what they want to hear.

Wondering if Schiff himself is smart enough to see the irony of Vindman’s answer.

Now why oh why wouldn’t they want Republicans to know who Vindman talked to? Could it be he talked to Schiff’s staff about it? *adjusts tinfoil*

Just obnoxious but with the way things have been going with this ridiculous circus we’re not entirely surprised.

What a world.

Fun? Possible.

Because Schiff allows it.



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