William Shatner is one of our very favorite accounts on Twitter mainly because he just sort of hangs out with normal, everyday people which usually leads to him slapping trolls around.

You know, like the rest of us.

He’s not focused on pushing some social justice movement or complaining about Trump like other celebrities … nope. Usually, he’s talking about various projects he’s working on while schooling ‘younguns’ about this or that. For example:

Now, we can’t see what the user ‘kcblahblahblah’ tweeted to get William’s attention (they have since deleted it), but we are guessing it was complaining about how hard it is for people today. Check out this assist from a ‘Random Guy’.

Ummm … we’re not sure that math adds up, chief.

Interest rates are now roughly 3-5% depending on your financial ‘health’ and credit. But that didn’t stop this random dude from further playing the ‘poor me’ game.

Captain Kirk finally had enough …

He’s dead Jim, DEAD!

And oopsie.

That stinkin’ math, always disproving melodramatic talking points.

We were told there would be no math.

Us too.



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