Troll level master?

The original #MAGAChallenge was pretty good, but Trump retweeting it and inviting the winners to the White House? EPIC.

So hilarious in both a good and bad way.

So of course the Left has lost their damn minds over it.

Granted, they lose their minds about most everything these days but this is a fairly impressive meltdown to say the least.

You know that face you make when something smells really weird in the fridge and you’re not sure what’s gone bad? Yup, just made that face. She sounds like a broken fan-belt in an old Chevy.

We agree but likely for different reasons.

They’re just not all that funny or clever.

If a piece of your soul dies over a Twitter challenge you might need to get out more.


Poor Tony.

Hurrrrr der.

Remember when David made a joke about the terror attack that took place during an Arianna Grande concert that killed a bunch of teenagers?

We do.

They do realize we’re just laughing at all of them at this point, right?


So very weak.


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