According to Lauren Duca, nobody deserves to make a bunch of money even if they’ve earned it and it’s theirs, and that’s her justification for Elizabeth Warren’s wealth tax because math and stuff.

Why does she get to decide what someone ‘deserves’.

Ok, fine, we’ve decided she deserves a $1.25.

That’s it.

And now she’s complaining that people don’t think we should tax billionaires out of existence.

She really doesn’t get it, folks. No wonder she’s pushing Warren’s tax plan …

Dude, that’s way too much.


Add math to that and yup, these types get all sorts of confused.

Hence feminist.

Preach brother.

Yeah, we don’t see this happening anytime soon.

But a feminist can dream.

This went well, Lauren. Way to go.

How long ya’ got?



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