Folks, you won’t believe it but over the weekend someone KNIFED a Trump balloon.


Won’t someone please think of the balloons for a change?! We need common sense knife control right NOW!


Ok, so it’s a bit dramatic but with the way the media covered the dork deflating a giant Trump balloon over the weekend, you’d think it was some sort of ATTACK or something. Greg Gutfeld summed it up perfectly:

That innocent balloon was KNIFED in broad daylight!

Stupid of this magnitude really should be painful after a while, don’t ya’ think?

Commentary gremlin … that’s sort of what we do here at Twitchy so does that make us commentary gremlins? This editor wants to be a commentary gremlin!

Brave, masked warriors standing fast in the face of fascist evil.

Yikes, that could’ve been a CNN headline.


It’s an epidemic now!

Neither can we.

Who knew?

Hey now, there’s some spin.




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