Senator Marsha Blackburn may indeed be onto something with her tweet about Jesus warning us to watch out for the lawyers, especially lawyers like Mark Zaid. You know, Eric Ciaramella’s … err … we mean the whistleblower’s attorney, the guy Louise Mensch very publicly fired on Twitter.

Yeah, that guy.

She’s right you know.

And for whatever reason Soledad O’Brien thought she’d jump in and run interference for Zaid …

One of the biggest snafus in Twitter ‘debating’ it pretending you’re somehow the expert while dunking on someone else when clearly you are not.

In other words, Soledad really should have stayed in her own lane because this did NOT go well for her.

Like, at all.


And folks, you never want your ignorance and arrogance being matched … just sayin’.

Huh, that doesn’t sound like Shakespeare.

Whoda thunk it.

We’re seeing a trend here, Soledad.

We do as well.

Sean Davis was good enough to take a moment out of his busy schedule to embarrass her as well.

See? Conservatives are givers.



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