Nothing to see here, just the NSA seeking reauthorization of a bulk collection program that was previously shuttered. We suppose they figure we’re all so busy watching the rest of the hot mess the Intelligence Community has turned into with the endless Trump investigations to notice …

Luckily TF is paying attention for all of us.

Check this out.

We are alarmed Mike, we promise.

Mental health records, medical records, searches of Google, conversations captured on Alexa, which church or Synagogue you attend …

Holy crap you guys.

It adds deeply to OUR suspicion as well, dude.

These are the same sort of people who get interview notes confused.


Double yikes.

But sure, let’s give the government that power again … seems legit.

Scary stuff.

Right? Not just no but hell no.

*adjusts tinfoil*

The timing does seem somewhat convenient.



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