Rep. Thomas Massie shared his letter to Nancy Pelosi calling on her to release the transcripts of the super-secret depositions.


Take a gander.

Copies of full and unredacted transcripts, as provided for in House Rules … sounds pretty official, right?

Unlike the clown show of a resolution Democrats passed last week.

He continued:

All the resolution really did was to say what they were doing was legal and totally legit while limiting Republicans even more. Now, why oh why do you think Democrats would want to do this whole impeachment thing in secret in the first place?

Yeah, we know you know this is a total joke and a desperate attempt at stretching out something that isn’t there for the 2020 election but we had to ask because it makes this whole thing look even worse. And that’s what we do ya’ know.

Interestingly enough, there are several people on Massie’s thread who keep claiming it is Boehner’s fault because he changed the rules HOWEVER that is a false talking point pushed by the media. Brit Hume himself spoke with Boehner on the accusation that he changed the rules, and he claimed this was untrue.

But whatever helps the Left sleep at night.

That’s putting it nicely.

Because orange man bad, duh.


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