Charles Payne is tired of Never Trumpers hating Trump so much they’re willing to root for the country to fail, and honestly we can hardly blame him. It was one thing to work against Trump during the primaries when many people on the Right were not thrilled with the rough-around-the-edges candidate (this editor included), but once he won it was time to do what we could with what we had and work to make this country the best it can be.

And to be fair, Trump has done a far better job than this editor expected.

But for some reason, there is this little pocket of people who continues to hope for the worst not only for Trump but for America, which seems so backassward for supposed Conservatives.

Telling people who vote differently from you that they are stupid is far from the best way to get them on your side.

Just sayin’.

Charles is right, you know.

‘Rooting for failure, ignoring success and dissing voters proves you only ever cared about your influence.’ 

Boo and yah.

There does seem to be a little overlap …

Fair point.

What he said. ^

How about, and we’re just spitballin’ here, but how about everyone who agrees on roughly 80% of everything put aside their disagreements and work together to keep socialism out of the White House? And then, after the election, we can all duke it out and figure out where we’re going next as a party?


Again, just spitballin’.


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