The Left can’t meme.

Sorry, at this point it is a scientific fact.

They just can’t.

Probably because in order to meme one must have at least a sense of humor or be a teensy weensy bit clever, and as we’ve seen with many a Leftist on Twitter, they have completely lost their ability to laugh. When you spend all day, every day raging and angry because your party lost an election THREE YEARS AGO it’s bound to have an effect …

So you can see why this account and their tweet didn’t go over very well:

Yeah yeah, there is a WHOLE lot more to this thread (like way, way more) but to be honest, it’s just a bunch of rambling about how important it is for the Left to stop sucking at posting memes. And like clockwork, the folks who CAN meme (you know, the ones on the Right), were more than happy to show the ‘meme team’ how it’s done.



And THIS is how it’s done, folks. ^


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