The Left is super stoked because a bunch of idiots allegedly booed Trump again, this time during UFC244.

It doesn’t take much for these overly emotional, insecure, constantly-raging yahoos to feel like they’ve had a win, does it.

Yeah, we know, it’s pretty sad. Not to mention we’re seeing some rumblings that Trump wasn’t actually booed all that much in the first place …

And then the interview.

Note, we share UFC’s sentiment about Derrick Lewis’ interview except for one piece. To be honest, it’s pretty rough so if you would rather not listen to even ‘beeped’ out language we suggest you give the actual interview a pass. HOWEVER, what he says about and to Donald Trump is, in our humble opinion, makes it worth it. Especially since so many hyenas on Twitter think the ‘booing’ of Trump was somehow meaningful.



Shoutout to his boy in the White House.

And we told you, the rest was … well, interesting?


Maybe? He definitely doesn’t hold back … we suppose that’s a good thing.

And there ya’ go.



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