Techno Fog put together an interesting (fascinating, disconcerting, troubling, crazy) thread about the DOJ’s response to Flynn’s attorney, Sidney Powell.

Ya’ don’t say.

Once existed.

That sort of implies it did exist, yes? No?

Man, this tinfoil gets itchy on your head after a while.

So in other words (we think), the DOJ is denying claims Strzok edited his notes after the fact.

Even though when you read through this thread and the one Undercover Huber put together, it just doesn’t add up.

If you’re confused AF don’t feel bad, this stuff reads like stereo instructions written backward in Mandarin by someone who was being chased while writing them. Luckily, The Federalist’s Margot Cleveland wrote a separate thread that shed a little more light on what is going on here.

Get some popcorn.

See Techno’s tweet with the supposedly ‘immaterial’ statements in blue.

So the DOJ doesn’t get to just decide something is ‘immaterial’.

Who knew?


Something stinks in Denmark, folks.


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