If you stalk Undercover Huber’s timeline as much as this editor does, you were aware he would be putting together some sort of thread on Peter Strzok and Flynn sometime this week. And yesterday he came through; perhaps he wanted to give Strzok a really good scare since it was Halloween.

Note, this thread is SUPER long but so worth your time.

Exit interview.


Just a reminder of who Peter really is.

Keep going.

Strzok lied?!


He seems like such an honest fellow.

Makes ya’ think.

Thank goodness he numbered this stuff … just sayin’.

But Strzok said Pientka was doing the note-keeping.


You knew there couldn’t be a Peter Strzok thread without mentioning Lisa Page.

So both are bad. Super bad.

SO bad.

‘I don’t remember this.’

Proving the notes were not his?


But wait, there’s more!

Told ya’, scary stuff. But only if your name is Peter Strzok.


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