Nancy Pelosi was right to push back on the impeachment debacle in the very beginning. We hate to give her credit but considering she’s been around since God was a boy she likely knew the whole thing would be a political disaster for the Democrats. Sadly, between the inexperienced, melodramatic, noisy and quite frankly dense new members of her party (looking at you, AOC), and pressure from an uninformed and angry base, Nancy caved.

And now she’s responsible for this pathetic impeachment resolution which really only made the Democrats’ political games more visible and blatant.

Kimberley Strassel summed the situation up perfectly (brutally):

In other words, this impeachment thing is just … a mess.

From the Wall Street Journal:

The Pelosi impeachment resolution was supposed to deprive the GOP of its complaint that the process wasn’t formal. Instead, it formalized a rigged process—and gives Republicans a solid rationale for rejecting the entire proceeding. Democrats gripe that the GOP refuses to talk about the substance of the case against the president. But it is Democrats who have made that impossible, given the secrecy and one-sided approach. Due process is at the heart of America’s system of ordered liberty, and the “evidence” Democrats are secretly compiling in the basement of the House is already soiled.

That’s why every House Republican—even vulnerable ones—felt confident in voting “no” on Thursday’s resolution. Republicans pointed out that even as Democrats were claiming the vote meant “transparency,” Intelligence Chairman Adam Schiff was holding another closed hearing, to which most of the House and the president’s legal counsel weren’t privy. “Democrats cannot fix this process,” said House GOP Conference Chair Liz Cheney after the vote. “This is a process that has been fundamentally tainted.”

Fundamentally tainted.


Let’s not pretend Democrats give a damn about being Constitutional.

Oooh, it was Halloween. Good point.

And they just can’t accept Trump beat Hillary FAIR AND SQUARE.


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