You can always tell when the Left and/or Never Trump (same diff?) start to feel like they’ve painted themselves in a corner because they come out swinging and trying to blame anyone and everyone for the situation they’ve created.

Now that Americans are paying attention to Adam Schiff’s brazen rule changes to impeachment hearings, people like Judge Napolitano are trying to find a way to say hey, this isn’t his fault. It’s totally normal and stuff.

So they’re blaming John Boehner and claiming HE is the one who changed the rules.

Yeah, right.

Brit Hume was good enough to correct his friend and set the record straight.


Brit continued:

So much for blaming John Boehner.

This is directly from the horse’s mouth, folks. Not like Brit talked to a friend of a friend who asked Boehner about it and reported back. Or another ‘anonymous source’ familiar with the situation who so many in the mainstream media seem to rely on for their stories …

From Boehner himself.

And he said NOPE.

Not true.

We know, you’re as shocked as we are.

All we can say is 2016 broke a lot of people.


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