Poor Ilhan Omar.

The truth apparently hurts the good representative from the state of Minnesota.

She really doesn’t seem like she’s a fan of America, she has definitely pulled some shady AF stuff, and c’mon, we’ve all seen her disgraceful tweets and commentary on Israel. Not to mention her shameful take about how some people did some thing on 9/11 … Trump wasn’t wrong, Ilhan.

Side note, Act Blue? HA HA HA HA HA

Juanita Broaddrick leveled her, big time:

That’s ‘The Squad’s’ MO – attack, attack, attack and then cry and play the victim when whomever they’re attacking (usually Trump) swings back. Don’t want none don’t start none … right?

Oh yeah – where a bunch of frothy-mouthed ‘tolerant’ Lefties stole MAGA hats from people and set them on fire.

So peaceful.



Tough crowd, Ilhan.

Very tough.


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OMG-LOL, she’s still going! Expensive hairdo digs must’ve REALLY triggered AOC because she raged all day (and all night)