Breitbart’s John Hayward wrote quite frankly one of the best threads on the division within Conservatism that this editor has seen in a long, long time. And to be honest, since this editor herself was originally NeverTrump, it resonates even more especially considering what is really at stake in 2020.

It’s a bit long but totally worth the read.

And cue the TrueCons turning their nose up at this article and his thread in 3 … 2 … 1

Umm … orange man bad?

EEEEK, we never EVER want to see those two words together again.

President Hillary.

*runs screaming from the room*







True, but ouch.

When you put it this way the choice really is simple.

*and another fist-pump*

Damn, this was so good.


Perhaps real Conservatives understand that this is an actual fight and sometimes you’ve gotta take your earrings off and get in the mud.

That some things are worth fighting for.


OMG-LOL, she’s still going! Expensive hairdo digs must’ve REALLY triggered AOC because she raged all day (and all night)

THIS is the Left –> Anti-Trump protesters in MN stole MAGA hats off Trump supporters’ heads and set them on fire (watch)

Not only no but HELL NO: Whistleblower attorneys ask Congress to allow his testimony to be submitted in WRITING