Elizabeth Warren is trying really hard to sell a version of herself that just doesn’t exist. For years she played the Native American card, then when she got caught in that lie the ‘getting fired while preggo’ thing came out. And now that it looks like that’s a bust too, she’s trying the typical go-to for Democratic women …


People in Massachusetts weren’t going to elect a woman … in 2012.

Seriously Liz?

With all due respect, we call BULLSH*T on this.

Record levels of it.

SO MUCH of it that if a giant bull walked by and say it they’d say, ‘WOW, that’s a lot of bullsh*t.’

If at first, no one buys your lie, lie and lie again, right Elizabeth?

And she just keeps getting caught.

She persisted! ELEVENTY.

But they said no woman could get elected! THEY (whoever they is) SAID SO.

Ugh, this is painful.

You know, if she was a robot so many things would finally make sense.

And there it is.


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