Brit Hume didn’t mince words when it came out that Elizabeth Warren had lied about being forced out of her teaching job for being visibly preggo in the 70’s.

Seriously, he only needed two words.

Or are these just sounds?

Keep in mind, this was before Warren doubled-down on the lie and made herself look even worse this morning. Boy howdy, between this and the 1/1024th Native American DNA incident you’d think she would be done in the primary but NOPE, the Left doesn’t seem all that concerned with her being a fake and a phony.

And they complain about Trump who is at least honest about when he’s a phony.

It feels like she’s told so many lies she’s not sure what the actual truth really is anymore.

We’re pretty sure that’s not even possible but you know what, if anyone could sell that lie it’s Elizabeth Warren.

Something like that.


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